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What’s Your Credit Score?


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We can not promise magic but
we will deliver results


See your credit information in one place — including your credit score, history, and updates.

Establish Good

We help our customers to remove all inaccurate items and help you to improve your credit history.


Our system can provide rich & effective credit counseling & help to improve credit for a better way of life.

Improve Your

Improve your credit score so that you can get the better chance of being approved for a mortgage or credit cards.

Customer satisfaction

120 Days Refund Policy

Credit Master, LLC is proud to offer a guaranteed satisfaction service. If we fail to remove at least one negative item or improve the credit score by 20 points, we will refund the full amount (minus a $100 set up fee) without any questions. The following terms do not apply if the customer has further negative item(s) on the credit during our first 120 days of service.

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A difference you and your credit score will appreciate:

While most companies try to find ways to charge more and sneak additional fees in each month, we have instead chosen to focus on perfecting our service and improving our team performance. Everything we do centers on providing excellent value and unmatched benefits to you, such as:

  • Lowest fee in the industry!
  • Improve credit reports and scores
  • Lifetime credit monitoring & service
  • Refund policy & satisfaction guarantee®
  • 24/7 Access to secure account for reviewing
  • Customer dashboard for seamless communication

Our Powerful Features

Credit Monitoring

Debt Validation

Goodwill Letters

Cease & Desist Letters

Customized Credit Priorities

Unlimited Case Reviews

Mortgage Loan Consultation

Online Account Access

Business Development

Creditor Interventions

Unlimited Disputes

Auto Purchase Consultation

Credit Card Approval

Business Tradelines

How does It work?

One-Click Access

Sign up & access the account with one click. See the credit scores & credentials on your account.

Repairing Process Begins

We obtain your TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit reports, and work on all three.

Progress Checkup Each Month

The process begins. You can check the whole progress live from your account.

Mission Successful

Now you have better credit, higher credit scores, and the possibility of getting approved for what you want.

Your Credit and Credit Score MATTERS!

Your credit report and also credit rating plays a significant component in reducing your rate of interest when it pertains to buying a vehicle, residence, financings, credit cards, leasing a house. You must also realize that Automobile, Life, Home, as well as Health Insurance business will certainly examine your credit scores to determine what rates you'll pay. Companies are additionally considering your debt record to determine if they will employ or promote you to a placement.

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The Ultimate Credit
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